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The project objective is to provide "Individual and Comprehensive Activation of 75 People with Disabilities in the Lubelskie Voivodeship" in order to combat the respective barriers that are social or occupational in nature. The target group is comprised of 75 people with disabilities, who are unemployed, threatened with social exclusion or socially excluded, including 23 women and 52 men. Within the framework of the project, the participants will be inter alia offered professional, individual and collective vocational counselling. The project participants will obtain individual psychological support and specialist support. Four Social Activation workshops have also been scheduled to be conducted for 48 people. Approximately 50 project participants will be trained to the extent of improvement of professional qualifications and will be awarded accomplishment certificates/diplomas, and 60 people will serve paid internships. The intended measures will bring about specific deliverables such as new jobs and sustainable employment for at least 15 people until 31st of August 2019.

Project managment: Fundacja Aktywnej Rehabilitacji

Project title: Indywidualna i kompleksowa aktywizacja 75 osób z niepełnosprawnością z woj. lubelskiego

Number: 11.1 Aktywne włączenie

Project number: RPLU.11.01.00-06-0103/16-00

Project costs: 998 581,25 PLN

EU dotation: 848 794,06 PLN

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