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The strategic objective of the project is to increase the number of new and sustainable jobs in the area of the Lubelskie Voivodeship. The project is dedicated to women above 30 years of age, who are unemployed (jobless, job searchers and/or professionally passive) domiciled in the Lubelskie Voivodeship, and who intend to set up a business.   Within the framework of the project, the advisory and educational support has been scheduled to be provided, including a grant with the bridging support for a period of 12 months. In effect of the project implementation, 40 women will have been employed after having awarded non-repayable financial assistance for the purpose of setting up a business, and additional 8 persons will have been employed in the newly established companies  (within the period of 12 months following the established of a company).

Project managment: EDOTUR SP. Z O.O.

Title : Start do kobiecego biznesu

Number: 9.3 Rozwój przedsiębiorczości

Procjet number: RPLU.09.03.00-06-0104/16-00

Project costs: 1 944 596,64 PLN

EU dotation: 1 652 907,14 PLN



The main object of the project was to increase the number of new and sustainable worksites in Lubleskie province - says Anna Selwa from the Edotur Sp. z.o.o., the company responsible for the realization of the programme. - It was possible thanks to the involvement of 50 wonderful women.

The status of women on the labour market was the deciding factor behind the selection of the target group eligible for the participation in the project. Women are the largest group of the long-term unemployed in the Lubelskie province. They also constitute the largest group of individuals without the vocational experience. Women attempting to enter or return to the labour market after a break related to motherhood are in a particularly difficult position.

Women above the age of 30, unemployed but with an idea for their own enterprise were invited to participate in the programme. More than 28% of the participants were below the age of 35. Nearly 41% were in the 36-45 age bracket and almost 17% were older than 56.

The participating women took the advantage of consultancy and counselling-training support which enabled them to not only enter the labour market but also launch and establish their own companies/enterprises.

Among the companies and enterprises launched by the women participating in our programme we may list, i.a.: law firms, hairdresser and beautician parlours, housekeeping services, landscaping services, agrotourism, a tools rental, a music studio, a consulting agency, accountancy offices, an artistic agency, carpentry services, furniture designing, a language school, a wedding gowns parlour, a dietician - lists Selwa. - Furthermore, 8 women were employed in newly founded companies as an additional result of the project.

- Without participation in this project I would have never gathered enough courage to open my own company. Of course the money we received were very important (almost PLN24,000 grant and PLN12,000 in bridge financing) but the knowledge I have learned and meeting many wonderful women, with whom I remain in contact and share exepriences even until today, were equally important - one of the participants wrote after the conclusion of the project.

Kalina Stelmachowicz, physiotherapist with 10 years of experience, wanted to create a fun place where customers could be comprehensively served to "since ever".

- Until now you could use only one type of services in each place - Stelmanowicz says. - I did not want to turn anyone down. That is why I have reached out to a dietician and a beautician, we cooperate and support each other, we come up with new solutions. That is how we were able to create a very fun place when we help not only with changing your body but also with gaining self-confidence. This comprehensive metamorphosis includes, i.a. body physique modeling with the help of a physiotherapist. We improve the condition of skin, help with losing weight but I also practice my own form of a massage helping with reducing headaches provoking tensions.

Since the beginning our parlour was visited by more than two thousand customers.

Establishing my own company was an excellent idea - Stelmachowicz emphasizes. - I have become professionally active. I do what I have always wanted to do.

Agnieszka Zinkowska who was able to open wedding gowns parlour thanks to the "First steps in business for women" programme is also glad. - I've let my husband who learned about the project to talk me into it - she answers. - The grant allowed me to buy equipment and furnishings for the parlour: furniture, mirrors, and mannequins and the the equipment for the sewing studio. It was a bulls-eye. The fact that I've recently opened a second parlour is the proof of the great interest in my products. The company is constantly growing and I couldn't be happier.

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